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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Condom Articles


One in five adults do not realise HIV is transmitted through sex without a condom between a man and woman

18th February 2011

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Pope accused of distorting science

30th March 2009

The Lancet has accused Pope Benedict XVI of distorting science in his remarks on condom use.

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Older people risk STIs

31st January 2008

Research suggests more older people risk STIs because they don't use condoms.

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Fake condoms found

27th November 2007

People advised to check condom packets after counterfeit packs found in nine areas of London.

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Young women should carry a condom

25th January 2007

Many sexually active women between the ages of 16 and 30 are not carrying a condom.

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US team tests anti-HIV gel

1st January 2007

AIDS prevention hopes worldwide are pinned on new 'microbicides'.

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Use of condoms to fight AIDS

23rd November 2006

Signs that Vatican may shift in its policy on condoms.

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