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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Consultation Articles


Cut face-to-face consultations with emails

24th July 2015

In a bid to reduce demand on GPs, experts propose pilots of email communication with patients.

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Patients happy to consult over webcam with GP

28th January 2015

Almost a fifth of patients surveyed said they would be happy to consult with GP via webcam on their phone or computer.

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Plans to use Skype at North Staffs

12th March 2014

North Staffs plans to use Skype for video consultations in outpatient department.

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Looking up illnesses can lead to better GP consultations

25th October 2012

According to study looking up illnesses and symptoms online can lead to more beneficial consultations with a GP.

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Have your say on the draft Care and Support Bill

21st September 2012

One month left to comment on the draft Care and Support Bill.

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Plans to increase use of generic medicines

6th January 2010

The Department of Health has set out proposals to use generic medicines.

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GMC launches consultation

22nd August 2007

An exercise on how best to implement a civil standard of proof for doctors.

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Public consulted on embryo work

26th April 2007

Public consulted on whether scientists should be allowed to create human-animal hybrid embryos.

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CATS contract goes to consultation

23rd November 2006

A contract for Netcare to provide clinical assessment and treatment services (CATS) is delayed.

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