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Saturday 21st April 2018

Cot Articles


Putting baby in cot can double stress levels

4th November 2011

A study has found putting a newborn in a cot can cause stress levels to double and makes them far less likely to sleep.

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Cot death risk overestimated

12th June 2007

Cot death is still unexplained.

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Cot death risk warning

25th January 2007

Measures to cut the risk of cot death must be taken for day-time naps as well as night-time sleeps.

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Doubt raised over cot death

1st December 2006

A report in the British Medical Journal casts doubt on data and conclusions of Lancet study.

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New 'cot locator' launched

27th November 2006

Government-funded computer program launched to help hospitals find beds for critically ill babies.

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