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Saturday 21st September 2019

Cancer Screening Articles


Bowel cancer screening ignored

21st September 2015

Cancer Research UK say more than half of people invited for bowel cancer screening ignored the offer.

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Cancer services coming of age report

21st December 2012

This report summarises a series of pilots that tested whether appropriate assessment of older cancer patients would result in improved access to appropriate cancer treatment, based on need and not age

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Childhood radiation ups breast cancer risk

5th June 2012

Even low doses of radiation for the treatment of childhood cancer are linked to an increased risk of a diagnosis by age 50.

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Cancer death rates drop

15th May 2012

Charity says cancer death rates for 50-59 year-old age group in Britain have dropped 40% since 1970.

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The Quarter 4, 2009/10

15th October 2010

David Flory’s fourth quarterly report of 2009/10 provides a summary of the NHS financial position and performance against national priorities.

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Cumbria review breast screening service

13th August 2010

Eight women who were given the all clear, are now being treated for breast cancer after a review of the service.

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Cancer may be detected by breath test

11th August 2010

Scientists found test could detect and differentiate between the four most common types of cancer - lung, bowel, breast and prostate.

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Torch-like test for breast cancer

10th August 2010

A new home test for checking for breast cancer has been developed called Breastlight.

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NHS news 9/7/10

12th July 2010

A round up of health news over the past week.

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Need for more cancer screenings

9th July 2010

CDC says lives could be saved with more screenings.

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