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Thursday 24th May 2018

Memories Articles


Manipulating memories may help drug addicts

13th April 2012

Scientists in China suggest 'tweaking' reformed drug-addicts' memories could stop them relapsing.

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Painful memories eased by dreaming

24th November 2011

Study suggests dreaming can help ease the pain of unpleasant or traumatic events.

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Would you want to know if you'd get Alzheimer's?

16th November 2010

Scientists say a simple test could determine whether you would develop Alzheimer's later in life, but would you really want to know?

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Painful memories can be erased

2nd November 2010

A team in the US have found a way of permanently erasing painful memories, which could lead to drugs for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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It's good to think, but not too much

20th September 2010

Recent research suggests some people who think too much have poorer memories and can be depressed.

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Synapses cement memories

24th December 2009

The mechanism that forms memories may have been discovered by US scientist giving hope for drug development for Alzheimer's.

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Unwanted memories targeted

3rd July 2007

Scientists say they have found a way to dampen down bad memories in people's brains.

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Coronaries linked to memory

27th November 2006

Researchers say those who have poor memories are more likely to die from heart disease.

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