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Thursday 19th April 2018

Blair Articles


Health reforms defended

30th April 2007

Blair and Hewitt stress that health reforms were hard but worth it once completed.

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Blair won't budge over pay

20th April 2007

Tony Blair says that staging pay is only way NHS can afford to pay nurses.

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Blair's pledge to industry

6th March 2007

The Prime Minister has promised his continuing support to the UK pharmaceutical industry.

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British doctors are best

1st February 2007

Tony Blair says British doctors are best in Europe and deserve to be paid well.

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Health minister retires

14th December 2006

Tony Blair announced the resignation of Lord Warner.

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Blair defends NHS

13th December 2006

Health service is 'pride' of Britain, says prime minister.

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NHS must change, says Blair

5th December 2006

The prime minister calls on managers to sell the changes to clinicians and the public.

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Plans for 'social contracts'

27th November 2006

Tony Blair considering controversial proposal.

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