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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Typhoid Articles


New vaccine for typhoid

24th October 2017

WHO recommend a new vaccine that could prevent up to nine-in-10 cases of typhoid fever.

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Typhoid outbreak in Syria

20th February 2013

Typhoid has broken out in Syria due to contaminated water in the region.

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Dud typhoid vaccine warning

9th October 2012

The MHRA say over 700,000 people may not be fully protected against typhoid after faulty vaccine discovered.

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Homeopath charges dropped

11th January 2011

Undercover investigation showed pharmacy advocated homeopathic medicine instead of malaria drugs.

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Immunisation against infectious disease

11th October 2010

The latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious diseases that may occur in the UK.

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Typhoid genome cracked

4th August 2008

Research could pave the way for new vaccination and control strategies.

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Typhoid in the UK

30th August 2007

Valuing Vaccines campaign launch because people are not getting vaccinated before travelling.

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Zambezi river pollution warning

2nd January 2007

Namibian scientists report high levels of bacteria.

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Drug-resistant typhoid spreads

27th November 2006

Researchers call for new vaccines.

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