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Monday 21st May 2018

Alternative Articles


Call for regulation of acupuncture

23rd March 2010

Doctors in Hong Kong call for tighter regulation of acupuncture, to help prevent infection.

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MPs say NHS should stop funding homeopathy

22nd February 2010

Multi-party group say spending public funds on homeopathy 'could not be justified'.

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The harm alternative medicine can do

12th January 2010

Jeremy Laurance comments on the fatal harm alternative medicine can cause.

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Bone therapy access row

9th September 2009

A leading physician says thousands of women in England and Wales could suffer broken bones due to lack of treatment.

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Homeopathy not recommended by WHO

21st August 2009

The WHO warns against promoting homeopathy in developing countries to treat HIV and malaria.

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Government discusses herbal medicines position

17th August 2009

The DH recommends that herbal medicine should be subjected to professional regulation.

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Do alternative medicines work?

16th October 2007

Study of nearly 600 knee pain sufferers funded by NIH showed acupuncture improved knee function.

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IVF hindered by alternative med

4th July 2007

UK researchers say alternative therapies to boost chance of getting pregnant may be doing reverse.

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Acupuncture for babies?

20th February 2007

More and more parents are taking their children to complementary therapists.

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Rules for alternative medicine

28th November 2006

More regulation of the alternative medicine industry needed, says top cancer expert.

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