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Friday 25th May 2018

Quit Articles


Raise tobacco tax

12th October 2015

A parliamentary group calls for tax on tobacco to be raised to encourage more to quit.

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Orthopaedic ops to be deferred for smokers and obese patients

8th October 2015

Patients who smoke or are obese in Wales will have their orthopaedic operations deferred until they shed the pounds or quit smoking.

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E-cigarettes could be available on prescription

19th August 2015

The NHS could prescribe e-cigarettes in future to help smokers quit.

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Motivational interviewing to help people quit smoking

30th April 2015

Motivational interviewing may be able to help people quit smoking by helping them change their behaviour.

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Quit smoking, live longer

24th April 2015

Experts say it's never too late to stop smoking.

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Vouchers offered to help pregnant women quit

28th January 2015

Researchers say shopping vouchers makes pregnant smokers more likely to quit.

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Blood test to help people quit smoking

12th January 2015

Research in the Lancet suggests a blood test could help people stop smoking.

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E-cigarettes tried by nearly 30m Europeans

18th June 2014

New findings show over 29m European adults have tried e-cigarettes to help them quit the habit.

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E-cigarettes do help people quit

21st May 2014

A study suggests using e-cigarettes to help quit is more successful than gum or patches.

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Quit smoking and improve mental health

20th February 2014

Researchers find quitting smoking can improve your mental health.

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