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Sunday 21st July 2019

Tobacco Articles


Heat-not-burn tobacco harmful to health

12th December 2017

UK experts say the devices produce a number of compounds of concern.

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Uniform packaging for cigarettes

19th May 2016

Uniform packaging rules for tobacco are to be introduced after legal challenge was dismissed by the High Court.

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Films showing smoking should be rated

2nd February 2016

Governments urged by WHO to rate movies that portray tobacco use.

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Raise tobacco tax

12th October 2015

A parliamentary group calls for tax on tobacco to be raised to encourage more to quit.

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Tobacco levy urged by health campaigners

10th June 2015

Health campaigners say a tobacco levy is needed to help anti-smoking measures.

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Tobacco packets to be standardised

3rd June 2015

Victory for public health as tobacco products are to be standardised.

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Action needed on illicit tobacco trade

29th May 2015

WHO calls for action to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco.

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Global fund to help defend tobacco control

19th March 2015

New global fund launched to help developing countries fend off challenges to tobacco control.

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Brown packettes proposed for cigarettes

30th June 2014

Standardised tobacco packets have taken a new step forward.

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Call for lifetime cigarette ban

25th June 2014

Doctors call for lifetime cigarette ban on today's under-14s.

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