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Saturday 21st September 2019

Chemo Articles


Treatment can halt progression of MS

10th June 2016

Study suggests aggressive chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant can stop the progression of multiple sclerosis.

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Chemotherapy could been seen to be working within 8 hours

29th March 2016

Scientists believe cancer patients could soon be able to see if chemotherapy working in real-time.

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Cancers can be 'softened'

14th July 2015

Researchers suggest 'softener' could help kill cancers.

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Vitamin C boosts effects of chemotherapy

11th February 2014

Injections of high doses of vitamin C alongside chemotherapy can reduce the side-effects.

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Chemo drugs linked to vitamin D deficiency

24th October 2012

Researchers have found several chemotherapy drugs may also cause severe vitamin D deficiency in patents.

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Chemo during pregancy is safe

16th August 2012

A study suggests that pregnant women can have chemotherapy without endangering their unborn child.

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Chemo can make tumours grow bigger

7th August 2012

Cancer tumours can become resistant to chemotherapy because it can cause a rogue response in healthy cells.

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Stem cell shield trial begins with brain cancer patients

10th May 2012

US trial suggests it could be possible to 'stem cell shield' body from damaging effects of chemotherapy.

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Hunger hormone helps chemo patients

15th February 2012

A synthetic version of the hormone helps regain appetite lost as a side-effect of advanced stage cancer treatment.

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Chemo doesn't harm unborn baby

13th February 2012

A new study finds the babies of women who had chemotherapy while pregnant aren't at higher risk for a variety of medical disorders.

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