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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Athletes Articles


Vision test could spot concussion

28th February 2014

A new study finds a simple vision test for athletes on sidelines could help spot concussion.

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Crossing too many timezones affects athletes

9th August 2012

A new study has found that international travel could be making elite athletes unwell.

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How to train like an athlete

21st June 2012

Ten ways in which you can train like an elite athlete.

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Dark chocolate boosts fitness

15th September 2011

A study has revealed dark chocolate improves athletic performance.

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Athletes need sleep

1st July 2011

Research suggests sleeping longer can improve physical performance.

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Easy check for concussion

16th February 2010

A new test for concussion could spot athletes who are still unfit for return to action.

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Exercise can fight ageing

5th January 2010

A German study suggests exercising has an anti-ageing effect.

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Worry over Beijing's air quality

28th July 2008

Athletes and spectators worry about health ahead of Beijing Olympics.

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Gene doping to be detected

29th November 2006

MPs have heard that the IOC is developing technology to identify cheating athletes.

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