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Saturday 25th November 2017

Burns Articles


Human skin could soon be regenerated

9th June 2017

Scientists claim to have successfully produced skin and stimulated hair growth in pigs with burns.

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Child burn risk from hair straighteners

19th October 2016

Parents warned to be extra careful with hair straighteners by UK burns units.

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Ibuprofen caused allergic reaction

31st October 2012

Ibuprofen caused an 11-year-old boy to have a severe allergic reaction which almost killed him.

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Warning issued over liquitabs

6th September 2012

Warning issued after doctors treat some children for near fatal injuries after biting or squeezing liquitabs.

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UK burns unit on a par with world's best

16th March 2012

Survival rates dramatically improved at unit in Essex.

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Spray on skin heals boys burns

20th February 2012

Toddler has made miracle recovery after doctors sprayed on a new layer of skin.

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Camera shows blood flow

15th September 2011

A camera for burns victims has been developed by a Swiss company which shows how blood circulates in real-time.

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Young boy wins battle for new face

19th May 2011

A young boy left with horrific burns as a baby wins 13-year battle for new face NHS wouldn't pay for.

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NHS emergency planning guidance: planning for the management of burn-injured patients in the event of a major incident: interim strategic national guidance

8th April 2011

This guidance gives best practice guidance to NHS organisations in planning, preparing and responding to incidents & emergencies that give rise to burn injuries regardless of cause, source or nature.

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Revolutionary new burn surgery

3rd February 2011

Stem cell gun used to heal severe burns.

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