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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Epidemic Articles


Zika epidemic likely to end in three years

15th July 2016

Scientists predict Zika epidemic likely to end within three years because there will be too few people left to infect.

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Beat back pain with two hours on your feet a day

22nd March 2016

New study finds walking and standing for two hours a day could beat back pain epidemic.

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UK 'vulnerable' to epidemics

25th January 2016

A group of MPs warn the UK is vulnerable to epidemics such as Ebola.

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End to AIDS by 2030?

16th July 2014

United Nations Aids agency suggests AIDS epidemic can be brought under control by 2030.

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UN faces US lawsuit

9th October 2013

The UN has been blamed for the Haiti cholera epidemic.

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Exercise up but so is obesity in US

11th July 2013

Researchers report that Americans are exercising more but the obesity epidemic continues to expand.

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Warning over mumps

9th May 2013

Public health officials warn about their concern over a mumps epidemic in South Wales.

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Measles cases rise again

3rd May 2013

Public Health Wales say cases have risen to 1,039.

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Health staff in Swansea targeted for MMR jab

23rd April 2013

Health staff are the latest group to be targeted for MMR vaccine in Swansea epidemic.

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Man's death in Wales investigated

19th April 2013

Man's death is investigated in Swansea as part of the measles epidemic.

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