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Friday 21st July 2017

Japan Articles


Cancer spread caught on film

5th July 2017

A team in Japan has captured how a single cancer cell spreads around the body.

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Eating disorder care concern in Japan

25th April 2016

Doctors say people suffering eating disorders in Japan are not getting the support they need.

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Breakthrough stem cell findings withdrawn

3rd July 2014

'Critical errors' in research sees one of the biggest stem cell 'breakthroughs' retracted by scientists in Japan.

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Vegetarian diet could lower blood pressure

25th February 2014

Study from Japan suggests a vegetarian diet may have people lower blood pressure.

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Radioactive fish still being caught near Fukushima

15th January 2014

Nearly three years after earthquake and subsequent tsunami, radioactive fish are still being caught.

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Thyroid cancer on rise in Japanese children

8th January 2014

Deep concern has been raised about rising rates of thyroid cancer.

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Cheap new test for lymphatic filariasis

6th November 2012

An international team of researchers has developed a simple but effective urine test to diagnose lymphatic filariasis.

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Japan sees spike in heart failures

2nd October 2012

Heart failures spike after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of eastern Japan in 2011.

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Fruit may help diabetes eye problems

19th June 2012

As little as two pieces of fruit a day may help prevent eye complications in diabetics.

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Sad feelings make pain worse

1st May 2012

Two studies support the view that what a person is looking at, and possibly feeling, increases their pain at a physical level.

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