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Wednesday 20th June 2018

E-records Articles


e-Referral letters redesigned

24th January 2012

Bromley GPs have redesigned referral letters over concerns about inappropriate patient information being included.

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Medway Maternity system for Poole Hospital

13th January 2012

System C has won a contract with Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to deploy Medway Maternity.

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Lorenzo introduced at Humber

9th January 2012

Humber pushes ahead with Lorenzo despite the future of the contract which remains uncertain.

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Harrogate implements iSoft ePMA

6th January 2012

Harrogate is the fourth NHS trust to sign a contract to deploy iSoft's ePMA.

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Torbay Care Trust builds shared record on CRM

16th November 2011

Torbay has signed a £3.8m contract to develop an integrated community record with New Zealand company Simpl.

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E-records 'unworkable'

3rd August 2011

MPs say the plug should be pulled on e-records in England.

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Prison health to improve

13th April 2011

National IT system now installed in all prisons which will improve health of prisoners.

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Mid Yorks hospitals install self service kiosks

12th August 2010

The self service kiosks intergrate with their Ascribe patient administration system.

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Patients on database without consent

18th June 2010

Up to 85% of patients may have been entered onto NHS database without their consent.

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Health e-records will require an enormous effort

17th June 2010

A study warns electronic patient care records will require a 'high cost' to fulfil their potential.

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