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Friday 26th May 2017

Disabled Articles


Councils failing to pay fair price for care

25th October 2016

Industry says nine out of 10 councils in the UK not paying a fair price to support older and disabled people in their own homes.

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Disabled people could lose out

14th March 2016

Changes to welfare payments could mean more than half a million disabled people are affected.

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Two-thirds of requests for care are rejected

7th October 2015

Figures show local councils turn away two-thirds of older and disabled people in England.

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Fewer people disabled by stroke after public campaign

2nd February 2015

Annual act FAST campaign underway.

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Obese drivers to get Blue Badges

20th January 2014

Blue Badges being issues to obese drivers who cannot walk more than 50 metres.

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15 minute care visits not long enough

7th October 2013

A charity says short care visits to elderly and disabled is 'disgraceful'.

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Disabled parking charges 'unlawful'

7th December 2012

A leading lawyer says hospitals who charge for disabled parking could be in breach of the law.

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Disabled children victims of violence

13th July 2012

Research suggest disabled children are three times more likely to victims of violence.

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Poorer hospital care for disabled patients

12th April 2012

A poll GPs found patients with learning disability get poorer care.

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Health and safety advice for disabled people

14th February 2012

Key points to remember whether looking for work or not.

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