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Sunday 21st July 2019

Condoms Articles


Kenya withdraws condom advert

21st March 2013

Outcry by religious leaders sees a TV ad in Kenya promoting condom use withdrawn.

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Fall in condom use

19th February 2013

Researchers say rise in HIV infections among gay and bisexual men is due to fall in use of condoms.

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Counterfeit condom warning

7th January 2013

Rising number of counterfeit condoms are being smuggled into the UK.

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China to promote condoms

5th March 2012

China hopes to cap HIV/AIDS cases by promoting condom use among "high-risk" groups, although it is unclear whether plasma donors are included.

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Condoms to be distributed in schools

30th September 2011

Mixed reactions in Rwanda over plans to give out condoms.

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Church and state in Philippines clash over sex and condoms

19th May 2011

A 13-year battle between church and state in the Philippines has come to a head.

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New 'Viagra condoms'

11th May 2011

Men with erectile problems are targeted with new condoms.

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UK donates money to SA for condoms

9th March 2010

The UK has donated £1 million to help prevent the spread of HIV in South Africa.

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World focus February 2010

28th February 2010

A round up of world health news over month of February 2010.

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Ill-fitting condoms raise infection risk

16th February 2010

Experts say better fitting condoms needed to reduce risk of infection and pregnancy.

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