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Saturday 20th July 2019

Miscarriage Articles


Doctors warn miscarriage can trigger PTSD

2nd November 2016

Doctors say women who have recently suffered a miscarriage are at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Lifestyle changes reduces miscarriage risk

19th February 2014

Research in Denmark suggests some first-time miscarriages could be prevented by making lifestyle changes.

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Aspirin could prevent miscarriages

25th October 2012

Leading doctor says simple blood test and aspirin could prevent thousands of miscarriages.

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Miscarriage clue

24th August 2012

A team of doctors say 'super-fertility' could be an explanation as to why some women have multiple miscarriages.

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More help for women with postnatal depression

17th May 2012

The government has pledged more help for women who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or death of a baby.

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Incorrect diagnoses of miscarriage

14th October 2011

Ultrasound scans in first six weeks may be leading to unnecessary terminations.

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Women not happy with miscarriage care

11th October 2011

Surveys show women are unhappy with NHS care after a miscarriage.

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Miscarriage risk from anti-inflammatory drugs

8th September 2011

NSAIDS appear to increase risk of miscarriage.

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Woman mistakingly told she had miscarriage

17th August 2011

Hospital wrongly tells woman that she has miscarried her unborn baby.

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Heart disease linked to miscarriage

20th January 2011

Scientists say heart disease runs in families of women who have recurrent miscarriages.

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