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Thursday 21st June 2018

Salads Articles


Salad leaves linked to E coli outbreak

7th July 2016

Health officials warn E coli outbreak could be linked to salad leaves.

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Bags of salad recalled in six states

27th June 2012

Dole Foods have recalled more than a 1,000 bags of salad because of risk of listeria.

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Berlin to lift salad warning

10th June 2011

Berlin to announce it is lifting warning on lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.

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Watercress could help prevent breast cancer

14th September 2010

Scientists claim a simple salad could prevent onset of breast cancer.

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Less salt in Big Mac than high street salads

26th August 2010

A new survey finds one in 10 ready-made salads contains more salt than a Big Mac.

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