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Saturday 23rd September 2017

Child Health Articles


Child health services under increasing pressure

28th April 2017

A report shows gaps in paediatric rotas, poor planning and demoralised workforce are putting child health under pressure and jeopardising quality of care.

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Tescos to ban sugar-added drinks

27th July 2015

Tescos plan to ban sugar-added drinks from their stores, in a bid to tackle childhood obesity.

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Tax on sugary drinks

17th March 2015

The NHS could save £15m a year according to child health campaigners.

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Investigation into mobile phone health risk to children

20th May 2014

Investigation launched into health risk posed to children who use mobile phones and other wireless technologies.

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One in 68 US children may have autism

28th March 2014

US health officials say as many as one in 68 US children have autism, a 30% increase in just two years.

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Mental health issues missed in children

25th March 2014

Experts warn thousands of young people could be slipping through the net.

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Children's heart surgery unit is safe

13th March 2014

A review has found the child heart surgery unit in Leeds General Infirmary is safe, although some received poor care.

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Children's arteries damaged by passive smoking

5th March 2014

Research shows the lasting damage increases risk of strokes and heart attacks in later life.

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Child mental health to get £75m funding

25th November 2013

£75m programme is aimed at preventing mental health problems in children.

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Free vitamins for children

24th October 2013

Call for scheme to offer vitamins to young children.

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