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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Mobile Phones Articles


Are you allergic to your mobile?

21st May 2014

Scientists warn you could be allergic to the metal in your phone if you have ever noticed itching or redness near your cheekbone, jaw or hands.

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Investigation into mobile phone health risk to children

20th May 2014

Investigation launched into health risk posed to children who use mobile phones and other wireless technologies.

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Mobile phones pose no health risk

14th February 2014

Research shows no evidence of health risks linked to mobile phones.

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iPlato functionality used by GP practices

25th September 2013

iPlato will enable patients to automatically cancel GP appointments via mobile phones.

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Mobile phones can speed up malaria treatment

20th February 2013

Study finds mobile phones and local knowledge can help ensure effective diagnosis and treatment of malaria in remote rural areas.

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Third of people cross road using mobile

13th December 2012

A US study suggests many are distracted when crossing the road by using their mobile phones.

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Parents who constantly use mobiles guilty of 'neglect'

22nd May 2012

An expert suggests parents who frequently use mobiles, laptops and other devices could be guilty of 'benign neglect'.

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Need a check up? There's an app for that

22nd February 2012

Patients told to use mobile phone apps to monitor their health.

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People admit to using mobile on toilet

3rd February 2012

A survey reveals 75% of people use mobile phone while on the toilet.

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Link between mobile phones and cancer rejected

21st October 2011

Further research suggests there is no link between brain cancer and use of mobile phones.

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