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Sunday 21st January 2018

Rimonabant Articles


Rimonabant for overweight patients

26th June 2008

NICE has issued final guidance on use of rimonabant for the treatment of overweight and obese.

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Controversial drug approved

25th June 2008

Despite links to an increased risk of depression and suicide an obesity drug has been approved.

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EU suicide warning on diet pill

20th July 2007

The European Medicines Agency has warned that a weight-loss drug could carry suicide risks.

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Diet pill linked to suicide risk

15th June 2007

Concerns are raised in the US over Sanofi-Aventis' weight loss drug, Accomplia.

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Diabetes drug helps weight loss

6th December 2006

Sanofi-Aventis reports on trials of its new drug rimonabant.

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