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Sunday 4th December 2016

Pollution Articles


High air pollution levels warning in UK

10th April 2015

Health warnings issued for parts of the UK.

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The risks of living with a smoker

21st October 2014

Study suggests living with a smoker is as bad as living in a polluted city.

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60% of China's drinking water too polluted to drink

13th May 2014

New government report says 60% of groundwater in China is now too polluted to drink, up from 57.4% two years ago.

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Online map shows health risks by area

25th April 2014

Enter postcode on online map to find community's risk of developing 14 conditions.

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Air pollution responsible for 4,800 early deaths

20th February 2013

British researchers say man-made air pollution causes a 12% increase in deaths among recovering heart attack patients.

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Low birth weight linked to pollution

6th February 2013

Study links traffic fumes to risk of women giving birth to babies of low birth weight.

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Traffic pollution linked to autism

27th November 2012

Researchers in California say living near heavy traffic may be linked to autism.

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Tackling the global clean air challenge

27th September 2011

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Heart attack risk from car fumes

21st September 2011

UK experts say heart attacks can be triggered from heavy traffic fumes.

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Solar power link to lead poisoning risk

13th September 2011

The boom in solar energy could mean more people are put at risk from lead poisoning linked to the disposal of batteries.

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