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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Treatment Articles


Research for dementia 'too slow'

19th June 2014

An expert says progress on research and treatments for dementia is 'achingly slow'.

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Treatment for gout

5th February 2013

Increasing numbers of patients go to GP with extreme gout and joint damage.

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Scientists discover gene that spreads breast cancer

26th July 2012

The discovery could lead to new ways of treating breast cancer.

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Better access to health care needed for drug users

27th June 2012

WHO says most people with drug dependence do not receive effective treatment and care.

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£250m to be spent on cancer treatment

13th April 2012

The government is to spend £250m on proton beam therapy despite no reliable evidence that it improves patients' lives.

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Complications often follow breast cancer

11th April 2012

Even 6 years after treatment, 60% get complications.

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Anorexics may benefit from oestrogen treatment

7th June 2011

New research suggests anorexic girls with poor bone density could benefit from oestrogen treatment when given in form of a skin patch.

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Nearly half of A&E patients only need advice

21st January 2011

A report has revealed that 40% of patients visiting A&E only need advice not treatment.

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NHS news 21/1/11

21st January 2011

A round up of NHS news over the past week.

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Cancer targets missed

6th January 2011

Monitor reveals the number of foundation trusts that missed cancer targets rose by a third in the past three months.

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