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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Violence Articles


No link between video games and violence

1st February 2013

Electronic Arts boss denies any link between video games and 'actual violence'.

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US mental health system 'broken'

8th January 2013

Recent tragic shootings in Connecticut and Colorado have prompted calls for better access to mental health services.

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Violent patients could lose NHS rights

7th November 2012

Proposed changes could see violent or abusive patients denied NHS care.

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China's healthcare system under strain

18th September 2012

Many ordinary people cannot afford healthcare, and the cost of medicines is kept artificially high by middlemen.

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Indian hospital hires guards to protect staff

11th September 2012

The former bodyguards and bouncers have been brought in to curb a wave of violent attacks on medical staff in emergency departments and labour suites.

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Disabled children victims of violence

13th July 2012

Research suggest disabled children are three times more likely to victims of violence.

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60% of nurses on home visits assaulted

11th May 2012

Figures show 60% of nurses visiting patients at home had been verbally assaulted.

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Third of school staff face pupil violence

30th March 2012

Survey shows a third of school and college staff have faced violence from pupils.

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60% of lone nurses attacked on home visits

9th January 2012

A RCN survey reveals one in six lone nurses are attacked while on duty.

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NHS to tackle attacks on staff

7th November 2011

NHS and police have pledged to work closer to try and crack down on violence towards staff.

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