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Thursday 19th April 2018

Kenya Articles


New efforts to find HIV vaccine

31st May 2013

Rwanda, Kenya and England working together to try and find vaccine.

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Kenya withdraws condom advert

21st March 2013

Outcry by religious leaders sees a TV ad in Kenya promoting condom use withdrawn.

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New mosquito discovered

17th October 2012

New, potentially dangerous, malaria-transmitting mosquito has been discovered.

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Fears grow over Ugandan Ebola outbreak

31st July 2012

Local residents are avoiding contact with strangers and handshakes with friends for fear of catching the deadly disease.

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Cholera outbreak in refugee camp

16th November 2011

The UN has confirmed an outbreak of cholera in the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya.

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Kenya rejects food controls

20th July 2010

The government says it won't implement United Nations standards on melamine, which has tainted Chinese milk products.

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Safer sex video game in Kenya

9th March 2009

A video game aims to teach Kenyan teenagers about how to avoid becoming infected with HIV.

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The plight of children in Kenya

8th January 2009

The plight of children in Kenya who fall prey to HIV/AIDS.

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AIDS a 'global disaster'

30th June 2008

The Red Cross and Red Crescent say the AIDS epidemic should be classed as a global disaster.

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Herbalists search for malaria cure

29th January 2008

Herbal healers in Kenya are collaborating in the search for a new plant-based compound.

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