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Friday 28th July 2017

Cot Death Articles


Cot deaths reach lowest level on record

11th August 2016

Latest figures show cot deaths at lowest recorded level in England and Wales.

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Warning as cot deaths rise

20th August 2015

Warning to parents after unexplained deaths.

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Bed sharing raises risk of cot death

21st May 2013

Urgent review requested following research into cot death.

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Baby sock monitors child's breathing

30th November 2012

Scientists hope new device could help cut cot deaths.

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Cot death babies could lack vital protein

7th September 2012

New research suggests cot death babies may lack vital protein that helps them breathe.

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Unexplained infant deaths at all-time low

22nd August 2012

Official figures show cot death rates have continued to fall.

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Small babies more at risk of cot death

17th August 2011

Charity says parents of small babies should be given more information on reducing risk.

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Flat head link to babies sleeping on back

5th April 2011

Experts say more babies have a flat head as a result of sleeping on their back.

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Cot deaths linked to faulty reflex

1st April 2011

Scientists say an abnormality in the reflex may be cause of cot death.

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Cot deaths linked to smoking

29th January 2010

Research suggests babies exposed to smoke in the womb are at a high risk of cot death.

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