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Friday 20th April 2018

Cigarette Articles


Plain packaging has cut smoking rates

29th February 2016

The Australian government says plain cigarette packaging is responsible for an estimated 25% drop in smoking.

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Cigarettes linked to half of cancer deaths

15th June 2015

US study estimates roughly half of deaths can be directly linked to cigarette use.

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Branded tobacco packs banned in Ireland

10th March 2015

Ireland first in Europe to ban branded cigarette packets.

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Approval for no brand cigarette packets

4th April 2014

Government plans to ban branding on cigarette packets is moving forward.

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Tobacco displays banned in Scotland

30th April 2013

Ban on cigarette vending machines and open tobacco displays has come into effect in Scotland.

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Brain stimulation can reduce cigarette craving

17th April 2013

Study finds brain stimulation reduced smoking craving.

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New campaign launched to encourage smokers to quit

2nd January 2013

The DH campaign aims to increase awareness about immediate damage being done by every single cigarette.

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Graphic cigarette warnings work

19th June 2012

US research says health warnings on cigarette packets that include images stay in the memory.

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Electronic cigarette explodes

17th February 2012

Man's face is burnt after the electronic cigarette he was using explodes.

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Cigarette vending machine ban

3rd October 2011

Sale of cigarettes from vending machines is prohibited across England.

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