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Sunday 27th May 2018

Environment Articles


Lifestyle accounts for nine in 10 cancers

17th December 2015

New study shows nine in 10 cancers caused by environmental and external factors.

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Online map shows health risks by area

25th April 2014

Enter postcode on online map to find community's risk of developing 14 conditions.

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Arsenic poisoning linked to gold mines

19th November 2012

Arsenic levels in the drinking water of an Indian village are found to be high, along with unsafe levels in people.

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Apples top pesticide 'dirty dozen' list

19th June 2012

Apples top the list of agricultural produce with unacceptable levels of pesticide residues.

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High mortality linked to wildfires

28th February 2012

An Australian study warns that global deaths from non-domestic smoke inhalation look set to rise with global warming.

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Environment may play key role in autism

5th July 2011

New analysis suggests the environment may be more important then genes in development of autism.

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Cancer is preventable in the US

17th May 2010

An estimated 6% of cancer deaths are linked to occupational and environmental risk factors.

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NHS managers told to go green

19th August 2009

With the NHS having a carbon footprint of 18 million tonnes NHS managers have been told to improve on green issues.

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Green Tech: How to Plan and Implement Sustainable IT Solutions

18th August 2009

This book discusses the environmental and financial impact of technology and offers strategies to help.

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Surviving change

24th June 2009

To say the health service is drastically changing is like pointing out the sun is warm, says Pete Mason in the HSJ.

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