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Monday 28th May 2018

Organs Articles


Human organs to be grown inside pigs

6th June 2016

Scientists are trying to grow human organs inside pigs in the US.

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0844 numbers to be reviewed

10th May 2013

0844 numbers are being reviewed by NHS England.

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Germany in organ donor scandal

8th January 2013

Investigation in east Germany over allegations that doctors manipulated an organ waiting list.

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Transplants from animals 'coming soon'

21st October 2011

Pigs are the best source of organs.

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Egypt to curb organ trafficking

2nd March 2010

A new law seeks to protect the poorest from exploitation for organs.

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New kidney storage method tested

6th January 2009

Cold perfusion shows a better rate of successful transplant than cold storage.

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Manila bans organs for foreigners

6th May 2008

Organ transplants for foreigners banned because of illegal trade in kidneys taken from the poor.

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Fat around organs blood test

17th September 2007

Test could measure amount of potentially dangerous fat coating the body's organs say scientists.

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Discovery of new source of stem cells

8th January 2007

A new source of stem cells that could one day repair damaged human organs has been discovered.

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MRI scan shows up health risk

8th December 2006

Scientists say MRI scan can show up dangerous levels of fat around vital organs.

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