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Friday 25th May 2018

Viagra Articles


Skin cancer risk from Viagra

24th June 2015

Researchers warn Viagra use could raise risk of developing skin cancer.

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Viagra could treat muscle disease

8th May 2014

Scientists say Viagra could be used to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy in boys.

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Call for limit on Viagra

8th December 2011

NHS managers say Viagra should be limited to two a month.

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Viagra patent case won

16th August 2011

Pfizer wins case that will block a generic drugmaker selling an unbranded version of Viagra.

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Cut price Viagra at Tesco

21st September 2010

Viagra to be sold over the counter at the supermarket by pharmacists at 300 UK outlets.

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Muscular dystrophy aided by Viagra?

13th May 2008

Research suggests Viagra may potentially aid muscular dystrophy patients.

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Counterfeit Viagra

18th September 2007

The UK's largest fake drugs bust sees gang found guilty of conspiracy to supply fake Viagra.

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Jetlag aided by Viagra

23rd May 2007

Animal research suggests that Viagra could help people recover from jetlag.

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Viagra for women?

26th March 2007

A new patch will be available on the NHS for women who have lost their sex drive.

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Viagra saves baby's life

16th February 2007

A premature baby has survived after doctors used Viagra to open his blood vessels.

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