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Sunday 21st July 2019

Medical Articles


Medical radiation incidents have risen in England

8th November 2016

Watchdog reports an increase in number of medical-related radiation incidents.

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£18m funding for medical innovations

10th August 2015

Medical innovation to receive £18m funding.

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NHS pays out billions in medical blunders

10th July 2015

The Telegraph finds 20 trusts have paid out £1.1bn in just five years because of medical blunders.

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Call for CE mark for medical apps

29th April 2015

New guidance says doctors should only use medical apps with an official CE mark.

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Call for transparency in medical research

15th April 2015

WHO has released a public statement calling for disclosure of results from clinical trials for medical products.

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Better care for pregnant women with mental health problems

9th December 2014

Urgent action needed to improve care for pregnant women with pre-existing mental health problems.

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Foreign medical teams deployed to Philippines

21st November 2013

WHO deploying foreign medical teams to damaged areas in central Philippines.

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3D training for dental students

7th June 2013

NHS Education for Scotland has commissioned new 3D visualisation software.

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Weaknesses found in 'fit-to-work' contract

17th August 2012

Medical assessments are performed to assess whether people qualify for benefits or are fit to work.

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Research 'Red Tape' Causing Life-Threatening Delay In Medical Breakthroughs

2nd July 2012

A damning report from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed how UK red tape is strangling medical research that could save lives and is calling on the NHS to open up its data.

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