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Tuesday 27th June 2017

Appointments Articles


Tell people how much a missed appointment costs

14th September 2015

Study shows patients are less likely to miss an appointment if they are warned of the cost to the NHS.

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NHS complaints soar in one year

27th August 2015

New figures show cancelled appointment complaints have risen one fifth in a year.

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3% reduction in A&E activity with seven day access

11th June 2015

A 3% reduction in A&E activity in Greater Manchester has been revealed after provision of more than 50,000 extra GP appointments.

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Most GP services now online in England

19th May 2015

Data reveals almost every patient can now book GP appointments and order prescriptions online.

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Nurses reject call to charge patients

20th June 2014

Nurses reject call for GPs to charge patients for appointments.

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iPlato functionality used by GP practices

25th September 2013

iPlato will enable patients to automatically cancel GP appointments via mobile phones.

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One in 10 hospital appointments missed

28th August 2012

The DH says missed appointments cost millions and delayed treatment for other patients.

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Cancer risk of patients who have difficulty in getting GP appointment

10th August 2012

Patients who can't see a GP within 48 hours are more likely to ignore the symptoms or convince themselves they are not serious.

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AxSys EPR used at Whitehall Street Clinic

21st October 2011

Whitehall Street Clinic implemented the Excelicare EPR from AxSys Technology last year.

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Morcombe Bay hit by appointment problems

18th October 2011

Urgent review of outpatient appointments after complaints from local GPs.

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