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Sunday 24th June 2018

Plasmodium Falciparum Articles


Backyard algae may yield malaria vaccine

29th May 2012

A new candidate vaccine for malaria could be grown cheaply inside edible algae and fed to humans in their food.

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Alternative anti-malaria treatments dont work

13th July 2010

Every year more than 1,500 travellers return to the UK carrying the infection.

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Malaria vaccine trial hope

9th December 2008

The world's first vaccine against malaria is now closer to becoming a reality.

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Global campaign to wipe out malaria

15th October 2008

A new global campaign and the latest genetic breakthroughs energise efforts to wipe out malaria.

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Malaria auto-immune response

23rd May 2008

US and Nigerian researchers find an auto-immune response in malaria-infected children.

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Mali malaria trial expands

5th February 2008

Promising new vaccine includes traditional medicine compound from South America.

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Herbalists search for malaria cure

29th January 2008

Herbal healers in Kenya are collaborating in the search for a new plant-based compound.

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Malaria parasite 'changes state'

4th December 2007

The parasite is affected by the people it infects, making the disease hard to predict.

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O blood defends against malaria

20th November 2007

Children with the O blood type in Mali were much less likely to get severely ill and die.

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African study finds malaria clue

15th May 2007

Researchers identify an antibody in those who develop the deadly cerebral malaria.

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