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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Kidney Articles


Heartburn medicines warning

15th April 2016

US research suggests long-term use of heartburn drugs could increase risk of kidney damage.

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Kidney failure patients need better care

13th March 2015

A new study finds millions die from kidney failure due to lack of care.

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Paracetamol should come with health warnings

3rd March 2015

Scientists say people taking paracetamol for a long period should be warned of possible side effects.

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NHS will not be charging for dialysis

25th November 2014

The NHS is proposing passing the responsibility for dialysis to CCGs and will not be charging patients for it.

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Keyhole kidney transplant a success

10th October 2014

First European keyhole kidney transplant carried out by surgeons at Royal Liverpool Hospital.

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Kidney alert system rolled out

14th August 2014

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust develop an alerts system to identify patients at risk of acute kidney injury.

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InterSystems chosen by UK Renal Registry

30th May 2014

UK Renal Registry to use InterSystems to provide national health informatics platform.

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Kidney dialysis machine made for babies

23rd May 2014

Italian scientists have designed a dialysis machine specifically for babies.

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Decline in kidney function linked to obesity

20th December 2013

New study suggests obesity increases risk of kidney disease.

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Kidney checks could save lives

28th August 2013

New guidelines say hospital patients should have their kidneys checked.

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