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Monday 21st May 2018

Vegetarian Articles


Vegetarian diet could lower blood pressure

25th February 2014

Study from Japan suggests a vegetarian diet may have people lower blood pressure.

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Mood can be improved with vegetarian diet

2nd March 2012

New study shows that restricting meat, fish and poultry can help to improve your mood.

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Many drugs are 'non-vegetarian'

28th February 2012

A study has suggested tablets and liquid medicines could contain animal products.

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Vegetarian diet reduces risk of early death

18th April 2011

A study has found vegetarians could be less likely to get heart disease, diabetes or suffer strokes than those who eat meat.

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Vegetarians 'less likely' to develop cancer

1st July 2009

A study finds vegetarians are less likely than meat eaters to develop cancer.

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Fewer cancers for vegetarians

16th March 2009

A UK study suggests a vegetarian diet may help to protect against cancer.

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Mars vegetarian bar

12th June 2007

The Mars bar is to become first snack of its kind to be suitable for vegetarians.

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Being vegetarian linked to high IQ

15th December 2006

A study says intelligent children are more likely to become vegetarians later in life.

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