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Thursday 19th September 2019

Blindness Articles


NHS to pay for bionic eyes

22nd December 2016

Ten people are to get bionic eyes to help treat an inherited form of blindness.

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Stem cell surgery could cure age-related blindness

29th September 2015

Surgeons carry out first embryonic stem cell surgery aimed at reversing vision loss.

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Warning about sleeping with contact lenses in

24th August 2015

Warning issued about sleeping with contact lenses in after man goes blind in one eye.

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People risk blindness during solar eclipse

18th March 2015

Eye experts are warning people against taking selfies of the eclipse on Friday.

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Increase in blind or partially sighted children

27th May 2014

Blind Children UK are raising awareness of the rise in partial sight or blindness in babies, especially those born prematurely.

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Diabetic eye disease no longer leading cause of blindness

18th March 2014

Study reveals diabetes is no longer the leading cause of blindness.

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Gene therapy for blindness

16th January 2014

Surgeons in Oxford use gene therapy to improve vision of six patients.

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People left blind with poor eye care

14th November 2013

A charity warns people may be going blind because of lack of capacity at clinics.

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Blind people affected by social care crisis

10th September 2013

Data shows the number of blind people receiving help from councils has dropped by over 40% in the last six years.

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Smartphone app could help prevent blindness in poorest nations

16th August 2013

Smartphone app which uses the phone's camera to scan lens for cataracts can help prevent or cure blindness in developing countries.

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