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Sunday 24th June 2018

Melanoma Articles


Pair of drugs elminates advanced melanoma

19th April 2016

A study shows a fifth of people treated for advanced melanoma with a pair of immunotherapy drugs have no sign of tumours in their body.

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Link between moles and melanoma questioned

3rd March 2016

Many moles link to melanoma questioned after new study finds patients with skin cancer often had few moles.

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Melanoma drug gets FDA approval

29th October 2015

FDA approve new melanoma drug.

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New NHS skin cancer guidelines issued

29th July 2015

New guidelines for diagnosing and treating melanoma skin cancers have been issued to the NHS in England.

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Britons unaware of skin cancer signs

5th May 2015

Survey finds more than three-quarters of Britons say they would not recognise the signs of skin cancer.

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New drug for advanced skin cancer

29th April 2015

Green light given for new drug to treat adults with advanced melanoma.

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Rise in skin cancer

2nd September 2014

Official figures show skin cancer treatment in England rose nearly a third in five years.

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Scientists identify link between genes and skin cancer

31st March 2014

Scientists discover those with a certain gene mutation are most likely to be one of 12,000 a year who contract melanoma.

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Melanoma myths dispelled

10th June 2013

Experts say 'don't think you are safe because your skin rarely burns'.

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Melanoma survivors not using sunscreen

9th April 2013

Research suggests melanoma surviors failing to protect themselves from sun.

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