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Sunday 21st July 2019

Age Articles


Anxiety can age you by six years

13th July 2012

Researchers say being anxious can make you grow old more quickly.

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Green tea promotes healthy ageing

7th February 2012

A Japanese study shows that elderly people who drink green tea are more agile than those who do not.

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Include strawberries in your five-a-day

15th July 2011

Strawberries can improve your blood and slow the ageing process.

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Creating a fair and sustainable care and support system

4th July 2011

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Plans to tackle ageism

22nd June 2011

The government and health watchdogs devise a plan to tackle ageism within the NHS.

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Ageing linked to rare disease protein

14th June 2011

Government researchers say protein linked to rare disease plays a role in ageing.

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Fewer qualifications means you will 'age faster'

11th May 2011

Study suggests people who are less educated are prone to age more quickly.

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Age has nothing to do with getting sick

9th December 2010

Just because you are getting older doesn't mean you will be struck down by a range of illnesses.

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Age affects referral chances

1st December 2010

A study has concluded age, sex and wealth will affect the likelihood of GP referring you for specialist treatment.

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Anti-ageing method 'step closer'

30th November 2010

Scientists in the US say they are close to developing a method to turn back the clock.

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