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Monday 22nd July 2019

Neurology Articles


Neurology patients left waiting for appointments

25th August 2017

Trust in West Midlands has raised concerns over hundreds of patients waiting for an appointment due to staff shortages.

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Trouble telling left from right?

24th March 2015

When does not knowing your left from your right mean there is a problem?

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Tolerance to pain is genetic

22nd April 2014

Chronic pain can come from numerous sources, but it is not known why certain people feel more than pain than others.

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Wearable neuro app for Google Glass

9th April 2014

Developer has created a neuroimaging app designed to work with Google Glass.

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Bright fruit and veg protects nerve cells

29th January 2013

Beta-carotenoids and lutein found in bright fruits and vegetables protect against ALS.

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Migraines 'under-diagnosed' and 'under-treated'

15th January 2013

A consultant neurologist is to tell GPs that headache disorders are 'under-diagnosed'.

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Traffic pollution linked to autism

27th November 2012

Researchers in California say living near heavy traffic may be linked to autism.

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How leptin contributes to obesity

15th October 2012

Researchers have viewed the appetite hormone's interactions at a cellular level, paving the way for possible new drugs.

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Obese teens score lower on brain tests

4th September 2012

Adolescents who had metabolic syndrome scored significantly lower on academic tests, as well as showing structural brain changes.

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High-school cannabis use linked to lower IQ

28th August 2012

A 25-year study in New Zealand may confirm the belief that heavy cannabis use is linked to unrealised potential.

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