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Friday 23rd August 2019

Insomnia Articles


Online therapy for insomnia

5th December 2016

Evidence that online cognitive behavourial therapy (CBT) can restore normal sleep patterns.

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Have trouble sleeping?

24th November 2015

Advances in sleep medicine may help.

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Cure for insomnia?

28th October 2015

Sleep experts believe cutting back on sleep may help tackle insomnia.

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Research finds knee pain amplified by insomnia

10th June 2015

Study finds poor sleep habits increase knee pain.

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Digital sleep aid for people with sleeping problems

13th May 2015

Sleepio is a new app from Big Health to help break the cycle of insomnia.

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Dementia linked to commonly used medicines

28th January 2015

A study has linked dementia to over-the-counter treatments.

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CBT for insomnia

9th December 2014

Insomnia affects around 30% of people who live with a persistent difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep.

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Insomnia drug approved

15th August 2014

The FDA have approved a new insomnia drug.

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No quick fix for insomnia

16th August 2013

New study suggests one exercise session will not cure insomnia.

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Exercise promotes better sleep

4th March 2013

Researchers say exercise promotes better sleep and the more vigorous the exercise the better.

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