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Friday 23rd August 2019

Insomnia Articles


Life coach - health questions answered

7th July 2010

Experts answer your questions.

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Sleep and Mental Illness

6th April 2010

The diagnosis of mental illness is frequently accompanied by sleep problems; conversely, people experiencing sleep problems may subsequently develop mental illness.

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Doctors should stop giving drugs to depressed

25th November 2009

A senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry says doctors are still pushing drugs at depressed people despite CBT.

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Drug to combat sleepless night memory loss

22nd October 2009

Research published in Nature has found that drugs could be used to combat the effects of insomnia.

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Alzheimer's link to lack of sleep

25th September 2009

A lack of sleep could help toxic plaques develop in the brain which accelerates the progression of Alzheimer's.

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All in the mind?

29th June 2009

The government plans to treat 900,000 more people in England with psychological therapies by 2010.

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Online therapy for insomnia

3rd November 2008

Health insurers offer online treatment for insomnia.

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Diabetes risk rises in stressed men

28th July 2008

Swedish study suggests anxiety, depression and sleepless nights increase a man's risk of diabetes.

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Insomnia curse of the X-box

14th April 2008

Rise in children being treated for sleep disorders is being blamed on computer games and fast food.

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'Worst sleep' of week on Sunday

22nd January 2008

Research suggests Sunday is hardest night of week to get a decent nights sleep.

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