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Wednesday 7th December 2016

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Diet Chef advert banned

26th October 2016

The ASA has banned a TV advert where a tearful women meets a slimmer happier version of herself.

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Ads for e-cigarettes to be made illegal

15th December 2015

The DH has announced e-cigarettes cannot be advertised from May 2016.

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Tough action needed on junk food

3rd December 2015

Chief executive of NHS says we must clamp down on marketing and advertising of junk foods.

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Advert banned

3rd June 2015

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an Yves Saint Laurent advertisement for using an underweight model.

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Alzheimer's Research UK ad to raise awareness

1st June 2015

Seth Rogen and James Nesbitt to star in Alzheimer's Research UK TV advert.

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Junk food ads should be banned until 21:00

21st March 2014

Campaigners call for junk food ads to be banned during primetime family viewing.

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Passive smoking risk advertising campaign

4th June 2013

A government advertising campaign is to remind people of the dangers of second-hand smoke.

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Kenya withdraws condom advert

21st March 2013

Outcry by religious leaders sees a TV ad in Kenya promoting condom use withdrawn.

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Obesity ad launched by Coca-Cola

15th January 2013

Coca-Cola has launched an advert which addresses obesity.

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Healthy eating adverts to begin

7th January 2013

TV adverts promoting healthy eating to be shown for the first time later.

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