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Saturday 21st September 2019

Human Papillomavirus Articles


Only three smear tests needed if HPV vaccinated

10th November 2017

New study suggests women vaccinated against HPV may only need three smear tests in their lifetime.

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HPV vaccine should be offered to boys

22nd September 2014

A coalition of health experts say all boys aged 12 to 13 should receive HPV vaccine.

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Pap test could be replaced

24th March 2014

Studies from a number of countries have found HPV tests are better than Pap tests for finding cervical cancer.

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HPV jab unlikely to be offered to 'at risk' women

18th March 2014

Research has shown women most likely to develop cervical cancer are least likely to be offered HPV vaccine.

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HPV jab should be given to boys

23rd September 2013

Schoolboys should also be given the HPV vaccine.

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Call for universal HPV jab

1st February 2013

Charity says boys should receive the HPV vaccination.

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Gardasil genetic fingerprints found

14th November 2012

Evidence shows viral components in Gardasil can lead to severe autoimmune disorders and even death.

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Vaccine does not make girls have sex

15th October 2012

Girls who receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination are no more likely have more sex, or riskier sex, than those who do not have it, a study shows.

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Religion sees some schools opting out of cervical cancer vaccine

18th July 2012

Schools opting out of cervical cancer vaccine campaign on grounds of religion.

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Boys to have HPV vaccine

2nd February 2012

All boys between the ages of 11 and 12 to receive the three-dose vaccine for HPV.

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