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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Mens Health Articles


Viruses can evolve according to research

14th December 2016

A study suggests viruses can evolve to become more aggressive in men.

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Alzheimer's harder to diagnose in men

28th July 2016

Research finds Alzheimer's likely to be wrongly diagnosed in men.

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Larger waistline linked to prostate cancer

3rd June 2016

A study suggests prostate cancer aggression linked to waist size.

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British men very unaware of prostate cancer

22nd April 2016

Men's health charity say British men are ignorant of prostate gland.

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Health risks of bike riding for men

22nd July 2014

Researchers suggest cyclists who ride more may face a higher risk of prostate cancer.

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Obesity increases risk of colon cancer in men

24th February 2014

Research suggests obesity increases likelihood of men developing colon cancer.

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It's not too late to stop smoking after cancer diagnosis

10th December 2013

A new study shows men who keep smoking after cancer diagnosis are more likely to die.

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Older men could reduce risk of stroke

18th November 2013

A study suggests older men can reduce their risk of stroke by taking a daily walk.

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Unrecognised eating disorders in young men

6th November 2013

New study shows young men can also have eating disorders.

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Men over 50 not aware of disease symptoms

4th October 2013

A survey suggests men over 50 are less likely to know disesae symptoms.

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