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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Diarrhoea Articles


What are symptoms of Crohn's?

4th November 2015

The most widespread symptoms are recurring diarrhoea, pain after eating and extreme tiredness.

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C diff used to treat C diff

6th May 2015

US doctors have treated Clostridium difficile infections with another dose of C diff.

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Petting farm warning

25th June 2013

Public Health England are reminding people to make sure children wash their hands properly after visit to petting farms.

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Probiotics and antibiotics reduce diarrhoea infections

3rd June 2013

A review of evidence shows probiotics with antibiotics could prevent diarrhoea.

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Diagnostic tool to tackle diarrhoea

18th January 2013

Scientists develop a cheap and rapid diagnostic technique to identify bug that causes diarrhoea.

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Norovirus cases increase in Sheffield

26th November 2012

Relatives asked to limit hospital visits as Norovirus cases increase in region.

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Vomiting bug patients die in hospital

15th May 2012

Norovirus at hospital in the west of Scotland.

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Pen still works 25 years after being swallowed

21st December 2011

76-year-old women visited her doctor suffering diarrhoea and weight loss.

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Respiratory illness linked to flooding

13th December 2011

Japanese researchers in Bangladesh say flooding was linked to respiratory infection rather than diarrhoea.

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Hospital ward closed by vomiting bug

21st December 2010

Ward C at Morriston Hospital in Swansea has been closed to visitors and new patients.

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