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Sunday 27th May 2018

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NHS news 10/12/10

10th December 2010

Around up of NHS news over past week.

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Blizzards not stopping GPs

7th December 2010

Special 4x4 response service used by GPs to keep up their home visits.

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NICE urges GPs to monitor home visits

3rd December 2010

New NICE guidance contains recommendations for GPs to take a bigger role in child injury prevention.

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Homes more stressful than work

28th June 2010

A poll of 3,000 people has found 58% say their partner causes them most stress.

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Falls in nursing homes could be reduced

21st January 2010

A review has found vitamin D supplements could reduce falls in nursing homes.

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What is the future for the NHS?

6th January 2010

Nigel Crisp asks 'is this the future for Britain's health service?'

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'Smart' homes for dementia sufferers

6th March 2009

A new type of house intended for people with dementia has gone on show.

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MRSA treatable at home

7th January 2008

Experts say up to a third of people with MRSA could be treated at home and not hospital.

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DIY diagnosis boom

19th October 2007

Over the past five years home testing kit sales for self diagnosis have soared by 55%.

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Care home fees not clear

17th October 2007

A report finds people charged for care home places do not always know what they are paying for.

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