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Monday 22nd July 2019

Complaint Articles


NHS complaints soar in one year

27th August 2015

New figures show cancelled appointment complaints have risen one fifth in a year.

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Complaints over staff shortages

13th July 2015

Research finds NHS workers in Wales have made more than 10,000 complaints about staff shortages.

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Hospitals do nothing when visitors complain

5th December 2014

Report finds one in three hospitals refuse to take on complaints from concerned visitors.

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Complaints double against doctors

21st July 2014

A report suggests the use of social media has contributed to complaints against doctors doubling in five years.

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Doctors face increasing number of complaints on social media

23rd April 2014

The Medical Defence Union warns that doctors are unsure how to deal with patient complaints on social media rather than through official channels.

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NHS complaints system 'too complex'

20th March 2014

Healthwatch England says complaints system is too complex and discourages people from raising concerns.

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Doctor complaints rising

16th October 2013

Figures show a steep rise in complaints against doctors in the UK.

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CSU 'axed' over complaints from CCGs

15th October 2013

Complaints over cost and quality means Anglia Commissioning Support Unit will not continue as a standalone organisation.

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NHS 111 complaints top 400 per week

5th August 2013

NHS 111 has a massive backlog of unresolved complaints.

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Medical mistakes procedure needs to change

10th May 2013

NHS Scotland urged to change how it deals with medical mistakes.

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