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Saturday 26th May 2018

Smoker Articles


Vouchers offered to help pregnant women quit

28th January 2015

Researchers say shopping vouchers makes pregnant smokers more likely to quit.

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The risks of living with a smoker

21st October 2014

Study suggests living with a smoker is as bad as living in a polluted city.

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Would pub garden smoke ban help people quit?

21st February 2012

Research suggests banning smoking in pub gardens would help smokers give up.

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One in eight women smoke when giving birth

17th February 2012

Figures show one in eight women in England are smokers at time of giving birth.

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Text messages help smokers quit

30th June 2011

Research published in The Lancet suggests text SMS messages can help a smoker give up.

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Kidney cancer is more aggressive among smokers

20th April 2011

Researchers have found kidney cancer is more aggressive among heavy smokers.

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Call for 5% tax increase on tobacco

8th March 2010

A UK charity suggests raising tobacco tax would reduce the number of people who smoke.

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It's not too late to quit

22nd January 2010

A report suggests even if you have lung cancer quitting could double odds of survival over five years.

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Cigarette maker to pay $300m to smoker

20th November 2009

A Florida jury has ordered Philip Morris to pay $300m in damages to a 61-year-old ex-smoker wheelchair-bound by emphysema.

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All former smokers should have lung test

10th November 2009

All former smokers should have a bronchoscopy.

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